Design & Engineering

A major part of our services that we offer are Design and Engineering. These two factors are also the most important ones to any project we do. There are several aspects of Design that have to be considered in the beginning so we can determine the correct product for your project that we know will provide you years of dependable service and reliability!

We at Sporting Event Resource Group follow the International Building Code (IBC) for all projects. The first steps in designing the correct architectural membrane cover for you is understanding how you want to use the covered space and what Occupancy Class you will require based on the Code. Some things to consider to help us design the right structure for you;

  • Will there be bleachers installed inside the structure?
  • Will you want the structure installed for 6 months or less?
  • Will you want the structure installed for 6 months or longer?
  • Are there requirements for “dry-land” exercise space inside of the structure?
  • Where will the athletes enter the structure and where is there gate access for an Emergency Exit in case of an emergency?
  • What are the hours of operation inside the structure?

Design criteria also includes proper design of ingress and egress. We will communicate with the local building officials as well as the local Fire Marshall to ensure that the project is compliant with all codes for permitting. This again is a very important part that changes based on whether you are seeking to remove or leave the structure up permanently.

All of the fabrics we use meet or exceed federal NFPA-701/E84 flame and smoke certification. Certificate will be provided upon completion of installation.

We at Sporting Event Resource Group will not perform a project without having the Architectural Membrane Structure fully engineered for your location, otherwise known as “Site-Specific Engineering”. We will verify with local building departments to ensure we have all of the Local Over-writes of the IBC as well as what Code Book they are using currently. Local building officials give us the required structural loads as a part of our Design Criteria for your project.

Once your project has cleared a series of ‘green lights’ and you are ready to execute the Engineering contract, please keep in mind that the structural Engineer has the final say in our construction of the structure to ensure proper safety for you and your athletes.
Our Engineering Report is a comprehensive report with full structural analysis of all structural members. Most reports consist of a 60 page to 90 page report. Stamped by a licensed engineer in the state which your project resides.