Let’s be honest – in the world today finding people that will support you before, during and AFTER ‘their’ part of a project concludes is unheard of! You can demand better customer service if need be, but to receive outstanding service automatically is a rare gift. Working with Chris Whitlow through the process of purchasing, constructing and using a fabric structure has been and will continue to be a wonderful experience. Chris can answer any questions (trust me, I ask a lot), he will help problem-solve (if one of the heaters is on back order, for example) and he will continue to check on you to make sure everything is running smoothly. The product is quite amazing as well! If you have a choice, the more clear panels the better!! Great guy, great product, and great company with exceptional customer service!!

Ashley Thompson
SwimMAC Carolina
Moss Creek Site Supervisor/ Program Director
North Lead Shark 3 Coach

My team first purchased a tent from SERG in 2006.  All hard ware has held up perfectly.  Our relationship with Chris and his staff has always been strong.  Our set-up is somewhat unique, and required a learning curve.  Chris never stopped trying to find the best option for us, and over the last couple years things have worked flawlessly for us.  We are purchasing our second tent, without hesitation, this fall from SERG.

Jim McGinnis
Head Coach/Tidal Wave Swimming

My name is Rose Snyder and I have been a coach for the Falfins Swim Team for nearly 15 years. About five years ago, we purchased a pool cover for our Wolf Ranch facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado through SERG and Chris Whitlow.

We have been so pleased with the structure and even more pleased with the customer service we receive from Chris. He is always available and onsite for our put ups and take downs of the building. We are secure in the knowledge that our structure is safe and provides a great environment for our athletes. This structure allows us to serve nearly 150 athletes that we would not otherwise be able to.

We know we made the right decision to cover our facility and to work with SERG. We feel like we are partners and would highly recommend Chris and SERG to anyone interested in covering their facilities.

Rose Snyder
Executive Director/Coach Falfins Swimming