What other costs do pools/teams/clubs incur other than design, engineering, and structure?

  • Pool heater if needed. We can provide air heaters but not water heaters. Lighting, foundations, gas lines, and ventilation are not included in the services we provide. We have suggestions and contacts for these services. Permitting for temporary covers is also needed. We can also help with that process.

What would the estimated monthly heating cost be?

  • Function inside of the structure will dictate the cost as well as the local cost of fuel.

What is the timeline for initial erection?

  • Engineering – about 4 weeks. Structure manufacturing – 6-10 weeks (based on engineering reports). Shipping – 1 week or less. Installation – 2-4 days depending on size. During manufacturing, you will need to have a local contractor installing the footings and lining up the electrical and gas as well as pool heater installation if needed.

What are foundations? Do I need them? How big are they?

  • Concrete foundations can be continuous or just at the baseplate locations.
  • Foundations are required to properly secure the architectural membrane structure and be code compliant.
  • Size of foundation required varies based on location, city/county code requirements and size of structure (dictated by the engineer).
  • Whether the structure is Temporary, Semi-Permanent, or Permanent also affects this.

Who does the foundations?

  • A local licensed contractor. We can provide them with typical foundation drawings. We can also provide stamped engineered foundation drawings for an additional fee.

Do you handle lighting?

  • We offer turnkey lighting packages.

How does the structure withstand inclement weather, such as heavy wind and/or snow?

  • Through our design process, local building codes dictate what we have to engineer the structure to for required load capacities (wind/snow). All structures are designed and engineered to meet or exceed the current International Building Code (IBC) with local overwrites.

How does HVAC work during the fall/winter/spring?

  • We can do ventilation. If you want dehumidification, we recommend Desert Aire.

Do you do the permitting?

  • We do provide engineering documentation to assist you through the process.

What additional items would you recommend?

  • Pool blankets are a very critical item that you will need to get into your budget. They can save your over 50% of the heating costs associated with covering your pool if used properly.
  • Ventilation fan.

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